Data from: The evolutionary legacy of diversification predicts ecosystem function

  • Benjamin Yguel (Creator)
  • H. Jactel (Creator)
  • Ian S. Pearse (Creator)
  • Daniel Moen (Creator)
  • M. de Winter (Creator)
  • J. Hortal (Creator)
  • Matthew R. Helmus (Creator)
  • I. Kühn (Creator)
  • S. Pavoine (Creator)
  • Oliver Purschke (Creator)
  • Evan Weiher (Creator)
  • C. Violle (Creator)
  • Wim Ozinga (Creator)
  • Martin Brändle (Creator)
  • I. Bartish (Creator)
  • Andreas Prinzing (Creator)



The Rdata files are simulated phylogenies and lineage through time plot of these simulated phylogenies, used in Yguel et al. 2016 AmNat. The code to extract the LTT plot from the phylogenies is given in the Appendices of the article as well as the method used to make these simulations.The name of the Rdata file indicates which simulation the file is refering to. The Excel files contain measures of phylogenetic structure of these simulated phylogenies (Measure phylogenetic structure parameters on simulated phylogenies.xlsx) and phylogenies of the experimental communities used in the article (Measure phylogenetic structure parameters on Cadotte Zanne phylog.xlsx). The code to calculate a1, a2, a3, and to measure S1 and S2 are given in the method of the article. In all excel files, a1 a2 a3 are the polynomial parameters fitted on the LTT plots. S1 and S2 are respectively ES1 and ES2, the "elderness surface" presented in the article. MPD, MNTD, gamma, and Colless are the common phylogenetic structure measurement (see also method), and invNRI and invNTI the standardized version of MPD and MNTD. RichSpe or Sps correspond to the species richness. PlotID corresponds to the identification of the plot. Mean19962007 corresponds to the mean productivity from 1996 to 2007.
Date made available2016
PublisherWageningen University & Research
  • The evolutionary legacy of diversification predicts ecosystem function

    Yguel, B., Jactel, H., Pearse, I. S., Moen, D., Winter, M., Hortal, J., Helmus, M. R., Kühn, I., Pavoine, S., Purschke, O., Weiher, E., Violle, C., Ozinga, W., Brändle, M., Bartish, I. & Prinzing, A., 2016, In: American Naturalist. 188, 4, p. 398-410

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