Data from sediment sampling campaign, Sand Motor

  • B.J.A. Huisman (Creator)
  • L. Bart (Contributor)
  • M.A. De Schipper (Creator)
  • S. Meirelles (Contributor)
  • E.E. Sirks (Contributor)
  • P.K. Tonnon (Contributor)
  • J. van der Zwaag (Contributor)
  • Jeroen Wijsman (Contributor)



Sediment sampling data from measurement campaign at the Sand Motor
Date made available2017
PublisherDelft University of Technology
Temporal coverage12 Oct 2010 - 21 Sep 2015
Date of data production2 May 2016
Geographical coverageZandmotor, The Netherlands

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Huisman, B. J. A. (Creator), Bart, L. (Contributor), de Schipper, M. A. (Creator), Meirelles, S. (Contributor), Sirks, E. E. (Contributor), Tonnon, P. K. (Contributor), van der Zwaag, J. (Contributor), Wijsman, J. W. M. (Contributor) (2017). Data from sediment sampling campaign, Sand Motor. Delft University of Technology. 10.4121/uuid:598c390b-2368-4670-bc8c-d0b3ae09dd79