Data from: Modelling Future Coastal Water Pollution: impacts of point sources, socio-economic developments & multiple pollutants



The csv files "Fig1_MARINA-Multi_model_results_2010_2100_per_subbasin" and "Fig2_MARINA-Multi_model_2100_AlternativeScenarios" contain the main results of Bak et al. (2024). The model results are presented in unit of load (kg/yr or g/yr) and yield (kg/km2/yr, area normalized) for the years 2010 and 2100 per river sub-basin. These results are obtained by model application for 2100 based on a reference scenario (SSP2-RCP2.6), following the equations that are provided in the "Methods" section of the paper and in the "Supplementary Information" of the paper. The folder contains "Fig1_codebook.csv" and "Fig2_codebook.csv" files for further description on the model parameters/abbreviations.
Date made available16 May 2024
PublisherWageningen University & Research


  • water quality
  • multiple pollutants
  • coastal waters
  • urbanisation
  • socio-economic development
  • scenario analysis

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