Data from: Evidence from pyrosequencing indicates that natural variation in animal personality is associated with DRD4 DNA methylation

  • Eveline Verhulst (Creator)
  • A.C. Mateman (Creator)
  • Mathijs V. Zwier (Creator)
  • Samuel P. Caro (Creator)
  • K.J.F. Verhoeven (Creator)
  • K. van Oers (Creator)



Contain all the individual methylation levels per CpG position for assays A-D. Each tab ($data_$assay_$tissuetype) contains the results from one pyrosequence run and one type of tissue (blood or brain). The columns indicate: SampleID: bird sample Note: EEB score, F is Fast exploring, S is Slow exploring Pos. 1 Meth%: Methylation percentage for CpG position 1 in assayB Pos. 2 Meth%: Methylation percentage for CpG position 2 in assayB Etc. Cell colours indicate quality scores In green: highly reliable methylation scores In yellow: reliable methylation scores In pink: unreliable methylation scores (not used in downstream analyses) SampleID with *_replicate indicates that the DNA sample with this number was used in duplo on this plate for within assay analysis.
Date made available2015
PublisherWageningen University & Research


  • epigenetics
  • behaviour
  • personality
  • DNA methylation
  • birds

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