Data from: Energy saving by LED lighting in greenhouses: a process-based modelling approach, Chapter 5



The data contains MATLAB files that are the result of simulations representing the climate, actuator status, and energy use of greenhouses throughout one growing year. The greenhouses considered were Venlo type 4 hectare greenhouses with a tomato crop, with various settings for the lighting and heat harvesting systems. For illuminated greenhouses, the simulated season was 350 days long, from September 27 until September 11, during a typical meteorological year, which is an artificial weather year representing a standard year for modelling and energy calculations. For unilluminated greenhouses, the season was 350 days long, from December 16 to November 30. In most scenarios, a heat harvesting system - which extracts energy from the greenhouse when it is warm and releases this energy back to the greenhouse when it is cold - was also considered.
Date made available8 Jun 2021
PublisherWageningen University & Research


  • Greenhouse
  • Energy saving
  • Energy use efficiency
  • LED
  • HPS
  • Greenhouse lighting
  • Greenhouse model
  • Greenhouse climate
  • Crop model
  • Tomato model
  • Crop
  • Tomato
  • Model

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