Data and Code underlying the article: "Forest Disturbance and Recovery in Peruvian Amazonia"



The data and code in this repository can be used to reproduce the analysis Requena Suarez et al. (2023), "Forest Disturbance and Recovery in Peruvian Amazonia". Spatial datasets used in this study are accessible from the sources cited in Table 1 of the main study. Estimation of disturbance and time since disturbance was done using the AVOCADO algorithm (Decuyper et al, 2022,, and Landsat imagery downloaded from Google Earth Engine. The underlying code for AVOCADO can be found in the following GitHub repository:, as well as a tutorial:
Date made available22 Mar 2023
PublisherWageningen University
Temporal coverage1984 - 2019
Geographical coveragePeruvian Amazonia, Peru


  • tropical forests
  • disturbance intensity
  • time since disturbance
  • aboveground biomass (AGB)
  • species richness
  • National Forest Inventory (NFI)

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