Copernicus Global Land Service: Land Cover 100m: collection 3: epoch 2019: Globe

  • Marcel Buchhorn (Creator)
  • Bruno Smets (Creator)
  • Luc Bertels (Creator)
  • Bert De Roo (Creator)
  • Myroslava Lesiv (Creator)
  • Nandika Tsendbazar (Creator)
  • Martin Herold (Creator)
  • Steffen Fritz (Creator)



Near real time epoch 2019 from the Collection 3 of annual, global 100m land cover maps.
Produced by the global component of the Copernicus Land Service, derived from PROBA-V satellite observations and ancillary datasets.
The maps include:
- a main discrete classification with 23 classes aligned with UN-FAO's Land Cover Classification System,
- a set of versatile cover fractions: percentage (%) of ground cover for the 10 main classes
- a forest type layer
- quality layers on input data density and on the confidence of the detected land cover change
Date made available8 Sept 2020
Temporal coverage2019


  • land cover
  • land use
  • globe
  • earth
  • remote sensing
  • satellite
  • Copernicus

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