Comparative genomics including the basal pathogen Peronospora belbahrii reveal common evolutionary patterns and the monophyly of downy mildews in a paraphyletic Phytophthora

  • M. Thines (Creator)
  • R. Sharma (Creator)
  • Y.A. Rodenburg (Creator)
  • A. Gogleva (Creator)
  • H.S. Judelson (Creator)
  • X. Xia (Creator)
  • D.J. van den Hoogen (Creator)
  • M. Kitner (Creator)
  • J. Klein (Creator)
  • Dick de Ridder (Creator)
  • Michael Seidl (Creator)
  • G. van den Ackerveken (Creator)
  • Francine Govers (Creator)
  • S. Schornack (Creator)
  • D.J. Studholme (Creator)


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