Code and data to reproduce "Temporal variability in population and community dynamics"

  • M. Dornelas (Creator)
  • L.H. Antão (Creator)
  • F. Moyes (Creator)
  • A.E. Bates (Creator)
  • Anne E. Magurran (Creator)
  • D. Adam (Creator)
  • A.A. Akhmetzhanova (Creator)
  • W. Appeltans (Creator)
  • J.M. Arcos (Creator)
  • H. Arnold (Creator)
  • N. Ayyappan (Creator)
  • Herbert Prins (Creator)



## Citation

Code and data to reproduce the analyses from Dallas, T, and A Kramer 2021. Temporal variability in population and community dynamics.

BioTime data can be downloaded from the BioTime website ( The data we used were last updated 02-04-2018 and are available as a static file at (doi: 10.5281/zenodo.3265871).

When using the BioTime data, please cite both the data resource and the original data paper. Dornelas M, Antão LH, Moyes F, Bates, AE, Magurran, AE, et al. BioTIME: A database of biodiversity time series for the Anthropocene. Global Ecol Biogeogr. 2018; 27:760 - 786.

## Compiling the project

To compile the R markdown, the following terminal command can be issued from the directory where the files are all located.

Rscript -e 'install.packages(c("plyr","dplyr","taxize","lme4","lmerTest","rmarkdown")'
Rscript -e 'rmarkdown::render("analysis.Rmd", output_format="pdf_document")'
Date made available11 Feb 2021
PublisherUniversity of St Andrews


  • Population Ecology
  • Ecology
  • Biological sciences
  • Community Ecology (excl. Invasive Species Ecology)
  • temporal variability
  • Ecological stability

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