Centre for Genetic Resources, the Netherlands, Indigenous Trees and Shrubs



The Netherlands are committed to the international efforts to halt the loss of biodiversity. At the national level, and as part of the governmental programme "Sources of our Existence", several organisations have cooperated on the establishment of a genebank hosting indigenous trees and shrubs. This genetic collection accommodates about 3500 accessions of 50 different species. The original in-situ populations of these species are usually small and fragmented and in most cases it concerns none-viable populations. Only by assembling specimens from these populations the long term accessibility and use of the genetic material can be guaranteed. In total the genebank represents over 400 in-situ locations. The living specimens of the genebank are cultivated in several small plantations all situated in the province of „Flevoland”. The main use of the genebank will be for conservation and nature restoration purposes.
Date made available30 Nov 2015
PublisherGlobal Biodiversity Information Facility
Temporal coverage1 Jan 1950 - 1 Jan 2004
Geographical coverageEurope

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