Biodegradation of light crude oil using realistic sea water

  • Shokouhalsadat Rahsepar (Creator)



This dataset reports petroleum hydrocarbon data and oxygen concentration data for laboratory experiments conducted to assess the relation between (aerobic) biodegradation of light crude oil, present of dispersants and presence of suspended solids (e.g clay). Experiments were conducted with no dispersant, and with dispersant to oil ratios of 1:20 and 1:100, using either weathered or crude oil and were tested in duplicate. Replicates were sampled 10 times over approximately two months for analysis of total petroleum hydrocarbons. Oxygen consumption was measured in experiments testing crude oil at different dispersant to oil ratios with the addition of bacterial cultures of Psuedodemonas putida and Rhodococcus qingshengii TUHH-12 over a period of 36 days.
Date made available27 Jul 2016
PublisherWageningen University & Research


  • aerobic oil biodegradation rate
  • bioavailability
  • oil weathering
  • suspended particles
  • EPS formation

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