Assessing ambitious nature conservation strategies in a below 2 degrees warmer and food-secure world – supplementary spatial data



This repository contains the supplementary spatial data describing the specific prioritization of conservation areas under the Half Earth (HE) and Sharing the Planet (SP) scenarios, and the resulting scenario land use and MSA data sets for the year 2050, including also a baseline (BL) scenario. All spatial data is in geotiff format at a 10 arcsecond resolution in WGS84 coordinate system. Detailed description of the methodology is provided in the paper listed under "related identifiers".
Date made available30 Mar 2022
PublisherPBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency


  • Sharing the Planet
  • Food security
  • Half Earth
  • Climate change
  • Nature conservation
  • Solution-oriented scenarios
  • Biodiversity
  • Nature's Contribution to People

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