Analysis output from: Potential of boreholes combined with deep-rooted cover crops to ameliorate subsoil compaction



Due to climate change longer periods of drought and high precipitation in short periods of time will become more common. Subsoil compaction causes cropland to be less resilient to such changes due to worse root growth, water infiltration and less capillary rise of water. There is a lack of measures to ameliorate subsoil compaction. Two experiments were performed where the potential of different types of boreholes were compared to deep subsoiling and an untreated reference. Effects on soil structure and crop productivity were analyzed. Data and scripts are not provided, only HTML output files.
Date made available1 Feb 2024
PublisherWageningen University & Research
Temporal coverage2021 - 2022
Geographical coverageLelystad and Vreedepeel, the Netherlands


  • boreholes
  • deep-rooted cover crops
  • soil structure
  • subsoil compaction

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