Akkermansia transcriptome response to mucin and/or glucose growth medium



Transcriptome analysis comparing the gene expression of A. muciniphila grown on mucin or glucose media confirmed the activity of the genes involved in mucin degradation, and revealed most of them to be upregulated in the presence of mucin. A. muciniphila grown on glucose showed a stress response and upregulation of specific genes, such as Amuc_1094 which was identified as a glucokinase induced by glucose. The transcriptional response was confirmed by a proteome analysis, reinforcing the adaptation of A. muciniphila to the mucosal environment. These new findings provide molecular insights into the lifestyle of A. muciniphila, and further confirm its role as a mucin specialist in the gut.
Date made available9 May 2017
PublisherWageningen University


  • Akkermansia muciniphila

Accession numbers

  • ERP010638
  • PRJEB9527

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