Agrometeorological indicators from 1979 to present derived from reanalysis



This dataset provides daily surface meteorological data for the period from 1979 to present as input for agriculture and agro-ecological studies. This dataset is based on the hourly ECMWF ERA5 data at surface level and is referred to as AgERA5. Acquisition and pre-processing of the original ERA5 data is a complex and specialized job. By providing the AgERA5 dataset, users are freed from this work and can directly start with meaningful input for their analyses and modelling. To this end, the variables provided in this dataset match the input needs of most agriculture and agro-ecological models.
Date made available30 Jan 2020
PublisherWageningen Environmental Research
Temporal coverage1979


  • wind speed
  • dewpoint temperature
  • relative humidity
  • temperature
  • cloud cover
  • liquid precipitation duration fraction
  • precipitation flux
  • snow thickness
  • solar radiation flux
  • solid precipitation duration fraction
  • vapour pressure

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