AgroDataCube: A Big Open Data collection for Agri-Food Applications



AgroDataCube provides a large collection of both open data and derived data for use in agri-food applications. Open data has been collected from, among others, the Dutch government, Rijkswaterstaat, KNMI and Wageningen University and Research. Interoperability and re-usability create added value to the data. The AgroDataCube aims at building on common agro-semantic standards and stimulates the use of open source data and to exchange open knowledge across the agri-food chain.
Date made available2018
PublisherWageningen Environmental Research
Date of data production2018 -


Data Exchange Services (KB-33-012-007)

Janssen, H.


Project: EZproject

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Janssen, H. (Creator), Janssen, S. J. C. (Creator), Knapen, M. J. R. (Creator), Meijninger, W. M. L. (Creator), van Randen, Y. (Creator), la Riviere, I. J. (Creator), Roerink, G. J. (Creator) (2018). AgroDataCube: A Big Open Data collection for Agri-Food Applications. Wageningen Environmental Research. 10.18174/455759