agroBRIDGES EIP-AGRI Practice Abstracts

  • Patrizia Borsotto (Creator)
  • Roberto Cagliero (Creator)
  • Ilenia Manetti (Creator)
  • Giorgia Giordani (Creator)
  • Rita Iacono (Creator)
  • Roberta Sardone (Creator)
  • Francesca Giarè (Creator)
  • Kaisa Vehmas (Creator)
  • Minna Kulju (Creator)
  • Pauline Bodin (Creator)
  • Eirini Efthymiadou (Creator)
  • George Malliopoulos (Creator)
  • Oluwayemisi Olomo (Creator)
  • Maeve Henchion (Creator)
  • Jennifer Attard (Creator)
  • Katarzyna Rull Quesada (Creator)
  • Liesbeth Dries (Creator)
  • Insa Thiermann (Creator)
  • Víctor Javier Corral Franco (Creator)
  • María Jiménez Portaz (Creator)
  • Özge Dinç (Creator)
  • Begüm Mutuş (Creator)
  • Anni Simonsen (Creator)
  • Britt Sandvad (Creator)



The present dataset is a collection of the practice abstracts developed in the framework of the agroBRIDGES project, using the EIP-AGRI common format. The aim is to share project outputs so other actors of the agri-food sector can leverage on them and to see the main added value and benefits met by the end-users if the generated knowledge is implemented. The Practice Abstracts are also published on the EIP-AGRI website and available at this link.

The current (first) version of the dataset contains the set of the first 12 Practice Abstracts generated to share the project's knowledge and insights gained from co-creation, data collection, communication and other activities aimed at promoting the development of Short Food Supply Chains, while motivating the local network of agri-food actors in the process (multi-actor approach). At least one Practice Abstract has been generated per Beacon Region (i.e. focal region of the agroBRIDGES project). This version of the dataset contains one Practice Abstract per country using the standard EIP-AGRI format in .xlsx. The final (second) version will be enhanced with Practice Abstracts describing the development and improvement of the (12) agroBRIDGES tools and the business model taxonomy developed for Short Food Supply Chains.
Date made available2 Dec 2022
PublisherWageningen University & Research


  • agroBRIDGES
  • Multi-actor approach
  • Food producers
  • Agri-food
  • co-creation
  • SFSCs
  • Short Food Supply Chains
  • Practice Abstracts

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