A high quality Draft genome of Aspergillus niger N402 (ATCC 64974)

  • T. Laothanachareon (Creator)
  • J.A. Tamayo Ramos (Creator)
  • B. Nijsse (Creator)
  • Peter Schaap (Creator)



A. niger strain N402 (cspA1) ATCC 64974) is a laboratory work horse strain that has been extensively used as a master strain for the generation of regulatory and structural mutants. Strain N402 is a derivative of the wild type strain N400 (CBS 120.49, NRRL3, ATCC 9029) and was obtained through two successive rounds of low-dosed UV mutagenesis.
Date made available8 Jan 2018
PublisherWageningen University


  • Aspergillus niger

Accession numbers

  • PRJEB21769
  • ERP024055

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