6S rRNA sequence of rumen microbes in dairy cattle

  • Gareth Difford (Aarhus University) (Creator)
  • Damian Rafal Plichta (Creator)
  • Peter Løvendahl (Creator)
  • Jan Lassen (Creator)
  • Samantha Joan Noel (Creator)
  • Ole Højberg (Creator)
  • André Denis G. Wright (Creator)
  • Zhigang Zhu (Creator)
  • Lise Kristensen (Creator)
  • Henrik Bjørn Nielsen (Creator)
  • Bernt Guldbrandtsen (Creator)
  • Goutam Sahana (Creator)



The 16S rRNA sequence data was generated in the project entitled "Reduction of methane emissions from dairy cows and concurrent improvement of feed efficiency obtained through host genetics and next generation sequencing of rumen microbiome" using Illumina sequencing technology.
Date made available20 Sep 2018
PublisherAarhus University

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