Tomato Torrado virus and tomato

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    Over the past years tomato plants with strong necrotic leaf symptoms have been observed in the area of Murcia in the South-East of Spain and in the Sinaloa region in Mexico.... De Ruiter Seeds is the first company which identified two new viruses associated with ‘Torrado’ and ‘Marchitez’. We proposed the names ‘Tomato torrado virus’ (ToTV) for the virus from Spain (see Verbeek et al., 2007) and ‘Tomato marchitez virus’ (ToMarV) for the virus from Mexico. Both viruses are closely related and most likely belong to a new genus of plant viruses. The identification of the viruses was done in collaboration with Plant Research International (Wageningen, the Netherlands)

    Period30 Nov 2007

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    Media coverage

    • TitleTomato Torrado virus and tomato
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      PersonsMartin Verbeek, Annette Dullemans, Rene van der Vlugt