The Price Tag on Nature’s Defenses

  • Matthias Schroter
  • Dolf de Groot
  • Sander van der Ploeg
  • Alexander van Oudenhoven
  • Roy Remme
  • Paul Opdam

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Newspaper article in the New York Times featured two papers co-authored by WUR researchers: 'Changes in the global value of ecosystem services' (Global Environmental Change) by R. Costanza, R.S. de Groot, S. van der Ploeg et al. (2014), and 'Ecosystem services as a contested concept: a synthesis of critique and counter-arguments' (Conservation Letters) by M. Schröter, A.P.E. van Oudenhoven, R.P. Remme and R.S. de Groot.

Period10 Jun 2014

Media coverage


Media coverage

  • TitleThe Price Tag on Nature’s Defenses
    Degree of recognitionInternational
    Media name/outletNew York Times
    Producer/AuthorC. Zimmer
    PersonsMatthias Schroter, Dolf de Groot, Sander van der Ploeg, Alexander van Oudenhoven, Roy Remme, Paul Opdam