New thrips attractants support growers in pest control

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    A research group of Crop and Food Research from New Zealand has together with scientists of Plant Research International, part of Wageningen UR, developed a new thrips attractant for application in practice. The new attractant that must be applied on a sticky trap attracts male as well as female thrips. The ability of this odour to attract thrips has last year extensively and successfully been tested in practice on western flower thrips and onion thrips in vegetable crops and ornamental crops. The product is effective in all tested crops (sweet pepper, eggplant, rose, gerbera, Philodendron, headed cabbage and leek). The odour catches, depending on the circumstances, 2 to 20 times more thrips on blue or yellow sticky traps compared to sticky traps without odour. The attractant dispenser with the odour will be available from suppliers in June

    Period14 May 2007

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    Media coverage