New SelectBioControl approach results in faster development and introduction of biological control products

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    Scientists from Plant Research International (PRI), part of Wageningen UR, have developed a new approach for the fast and cost-effective development of biological control products. SelectBioControl takes all the steps in succession which are crucial to the development, production, registration and marketing of such products. The development of SelectBioControl was led by Jürgen Köhl, in cooperation with French and Italian research institutes and the International Biocontrol Manufacturers' Association (IBMA). PRI expects SelectBioControl to give a major boost to the biological control market. The development of biological control products based on micro-organisms is a long and costly process. A great deal of – public and private – money has already been invested in the development of these products, with only a limited degree of success. SelectBioControl increases the chances of developing an effective product and a successful market introduction. Jürgen Köhl: “We start by testing bacteria and fungi for their effectiveness against pathogens as well as analysing the economically important production and marketing parameters. Only bacteria and fungi that have market potential are taken to the next stage and studied in more detail. SelectBioControl results in limited overall development costs, and allows us to better estimate the total costs and possible risks in advance”
    Period10 Feb 2011

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    Media coverage