Microbials: The need for a pragmatic approach

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    While there is an increasing support for more biological solutions as alternatives to chemical pesticides in both organic farming and IPM systems, the development and commercial success of biologicals is made more difficult because of the size of the companies involved and the fact it is a young, relatively undeveloped market. Among biologicals, microbials (microorganisms), which mainly include beneficial fungi, bacteria, viruses, as well as beneficial nematodes and yeasts, represent the market where probably the biggest number of companies are active. Although the results from small-scale assays done during the past ten years have shown promising results, relatively few of the tested microorganisms have shown consistent effects under field conditions and have made it to the market. Why has this happened? Is there a way to improve such disappointing situation? Is there a future for biocontrol products based on microorganisms? New Ag International went to investigate all ins and outs of this market that represents about one third of the biocontrol market worldwide

    Period1 Jan 2010

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