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    Research conducted under the European Commission- funded ENDURE Network of Excellence (2007– 10) has led to the development of a new approach aimed at the fast and cost-effective development of biological control products. Called SelectBioControl, the approach is described as encompassing all the successive steps crucial to the development, production, registration and marketing of such products. The development of SelectBioControl was led by Jürgen Köhl, from Plant Research International (PRI), part of Wageningen University and Research Centre (the Netherlands), working in cooperation with ENDURE colleagues from France's National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), Italy's National Research Council (CNR) and the biocontrol industry body, the International Biocontrol Manufacturers' Association (IBMA). ........ For more information, contact ENDURE. Web: www.endure-network.eu/contact And see: Köhl, J., Postma, J., Nicot, P., Ruocco, M. & Blum, B. (2011) Stepwise screening of microorganisms for commercial use in biological control of plantpathogenic fungi and bacteria. Biological Control 57(1), 1–12. Source: ENDURE News, No. 13, June 2011. Web: www.endure-network.eu http://www.cabi.org/default.aspx?site=170&page=1016&pid=34

    Period16 Mar 2011

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