Commercialization of knowledge on the ‘workfloor’

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It is often said that the future of the Dutch economy rests on the knowledge economy. The workhorse of the knowledge economy, knowledge valorization, is necessary for the establishment of such an economy. A common example of knowledge valorization within Dutch borders is the Senz Umbrella, which was developed in part within the TU Delft. While the term knowledge valorization is rather abstract, it involves real procedures, real people and real politics within Dutch universities. And, as in any (university) procedure, there is room for improvement. Successful knowledge valorization must be carried out efficiently and effectively: it must be responsive to private sector opportunities, provide the right incentives and be supported by high-quality staff. Here we will discuss valorization on the work floor, what works and what doesn’t.

Period1 Jan 2010

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Media contributions

  • TitleCommercialization of knowledge on the ‘workfloor’
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