Using board games to raise awareness and skills for sustainable shrimp farming in Vietnam

Ha Tran Thi Phung (Speaker), Nguyen, T. P. (Contributor), Hiep Tong Quoc (Contributor), Bosma, R. (Contributor), Ligtenberg, A. (Contributor), Rodela, R. (Contributor), Bregt, A. (Contributor)

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Along its coast, the Vietnamese Mekong Delta has protected mangrove forests and behind this a buffer zone of Integrated Mangrove Shrimp farms (IMS). Voluntary adoption of IMS beyond the buffer zone is hampered by assumptions of farmers and policy-makers about profits compared to intensive shrimp monoculture. ALEGAMS developed a board-game allowing farmers to experience the financial consequences of their decisions in shrimp farming, and assessed the effect of playing the board-game on farmer's learning and willingness to adopt IMS. The players stated to have learned about Investment 8, operation costs, Management & technologies, IMS' profits, and risks of Intensive shrimp farming. Several month after having played 1-3 sessions, farmer's behavior had changed: slightly higher frequency of weekly consultations and more persons consulted on practices & diseases, but increased suspicion about veterinary salesman, and technology take-up after one training increased from 30 to 43%
Period8 Apr 201912 Apr 2019
Event title12th Asian Fisheries & Aquaculture Forum (AFAF): Transforming Asian Fisheries and Aquaculture for Sustainable Production and Nutrition
Event typeConference
LocationIloilo, Philippines