Stefano Balbi

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Dr. Stefano Balbi is a Senior Researcher based at the Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3) in Bilbao, Spain. His visit to Wageningen was in the context of the workshop ‘ABM meets tourism’ that is organised by Bas Amelung (ESA), Jillian Student (ENP/ESA) and Machiel Lamers (ENP). His lecture on "Complexity oriented approaches and environmental sustainability policy" elaborated on three research experiences in which complexity oriented methods (in particular agent-based and Bayesian network modelling) have been incorporated to represent social-ecological systems, analyze possible policies to improve environmental sustainability, and include anecdotes on how these research projects could (or could not) achieve some level of relevancy to policy making. The first experience is an alpine tourism system, challenged with the changes in tourism demand patterns and winter precipitation patterns, which tried to plan for a climate-safe local infrastructural development. The second case is located in the Basque Country and describes a holistic approach to the modelling of agricultural outputs, where more emphasis is given to the effects of farming practices on multiple ecosystem services with respect to traditional crop production modelling techniques. The third experience is about quantifying the benefits of early warning systems in terms of avoided impacts on human receptors (injuries and deaths) in a flood prone area around Zurich. The methods in this case are expert informed probabilistic models.
Period21 Jan 201622 Jan 2016
Visiting fromBasque Centre of Climate Change (Spain)
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  • ecosystem service modelling
  • integrated modelling