Scientific and legislative issues surrounding the use of microbial food cultures within the EU context. Session 15: Food safety and regulation

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The use of fermentation technology to deliver innovative food and beverages within the EU market has seen increased interest in the past few years. For example, fermentation used for the introduction of alternative plant-based fermented foods for health and sustainability continues to be a trend within the EU market. In addition, fermentation is perceived as a traditional technology producing clean label ingredients and products. However, the relationship between innovations in fermented food products and the boundaries set by EU regulations is not always clear. In this talk, the scientific and legislative issues concerning the use of microbial food cultures and fermented food innovations within the EU context will be discussed. Specifically, the legislative landscape affecting the use of microbial food cultures and food fermentations will be addressed. Case studies on fermented foods (alternative plant-based fermented food, amongst others) will be used to highlight specific interactions between innovations and legislation. Finally, the objective of this talk is to clarify existing questions related to legislation and innovation of fermented food products. This presentation will be interesting for food scientists to learn about EU legislation affecting innovations in fermentation. Likewise, this talk will also be interesting for food regulators to understand the issues that food scientists face within the EU legislation.
Period10 Nov 202012 Nov 2020
Event title34th EFFoST International Conference
Event typeConference