Overcoming Clean Label Challenges in Sugar Reduction, Replacement and Reformulation

Jerome Diaz (Speaker)

Activity: Talk or presentationInvited talkProfessional


In many food application areas, sugar serves a much broader function than merely influencing sweetness. In addition to their role in modulating taste, aroma and color, sugar also serves as bulking agent and texture modulator affecting flow properties, crystallization, interfacial and network formation in complex food systems. Understanding the multifunctional role that sugar plays in complex food systems is a key aspect for successful reformulation without changes in product quality attributes. Nonetheless, sugar reformulation becomes increasingly challenging when issues related to clean labelling are taken into consideration. Especially since most clean label sugar alternatives only partly displaces the associated sugar functionality in a given application.

In this presentation, the interaction of sugar along with other ingredients in complex food systems will be discussed. Sugar functionalities in specific food applications will be compared with clean label alternatives. Specifically, challenges in confectionary and beverage applications will be highlighted. Furthermore, the utility of thermodynamic models in sugar reformulation will be described. This presentation will be valuable for product developers intending to successfully reduce, replace and reformulate sugar under a clean label framework. Ultimately, this presentation intends to showcase a way of working that results in targeted sugar reformulation strategy to hasten time to market of high quality, clean label sugar reformulated consumer products.
Period27 Mar 201828 Mar 2018
Event typeConference
LocationChicago, United States