European network of high-quality laboratories assessing efficiently the relevance of fully animal-free thyroid mechanistic methods

  • Barbara Birk (Speaker)
  • Bovee, T. (Contributor)
  • Laureano Cuevas Beltran (Contributor)
  • Flavio Cinato (Contributor)
  • Annamaria Colacci (Contributor)
  • Silvia Dotti (Contributor)
  • Claudio Bernardi (Contributor)
  • Kristina Fant (Contributor)
  • Dagmar Jirova (Contributor)
  • Tuula Heinonen (Contributor)
  • Marisa Meloni (Contributor)
  • Emma Pedersen (Contributor)
  • Rijk, J. (Contributor)
  • Peijnenburg, A. (Contributor)
  • Hilda Witters (Contributor)
  • Ana Palmeira Oliveira (Contributor)
  • Maciej Stepnik (Contributor)
  • Andreas Georg Weber (Contributor)
  • Gerard Bowe (Contributor)
  • Thomas Cole (Contributor)
  • Roman Liska (Contributor)
  • Ingrid Langezaal (Contributor)
  • Robert Landsiedel (Contributor)
  • Weide, Y. (Contributor)
  • Jochem Louisse (Contributor)
  • Antonio de la Vieja Escolar (Contributor)
  • Monica Vaccari (Contributor)
  • Riccardo Villa (Contributor)
  • Andrea Cacciamali (Contributor)
  • Maria Sampieri (Contributor)
  • Chiara Romano (Contributor)
  • Claudia Piutti (Contributor)
  • Valentina Saibene (Contributor)
  • Daniele Pezzetta (Contributor)
  • Marketa Dvorakova (Contributor)
  • Lada Belastova (Contributor)
  • Laura Ceriotti (Contributor)
  • Elisa Carviola (Contributor)
  • An Jacobsen (Contributor)
  • Joanna Roszak (Contributor)
  • Kornelia Kowalczyk (Contributor)
  • Johannes de Lange (Contributor)
  • Aude Kienzler (Contributor)
  • Sandra Coecke (Contributor)

Activity: Talk or presentationOral presentationAcademic

Period23 Aug 20212 Sept 2021
Event title11th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences 2021: 3Rs in transition from development to application
Event typeConference
LocationMaastricht, NetherlandsShow on map
Degree of RecognitionInternational