Apoplastic Venom Allergen-like Proteins of Plant Parasitic Nematodes Modulate the Activation of Damage Triggered Immunity by Cell Surface Receptors

Lozano Torres, J. L. (Speaker), Wilbers, R. H. P. (Contributor), S. Warmerdam (Contributor), Varossieau, K. (Contributor), Willig, J. (Contributor), van Schaik, C. C. (Contributor), Oluwatoyin A. Asojo (Contributor), Rabih Darwiche (Contributor), Roger Schneiter (Contributor), Claire Drurey (Contributor), Rick M. Maizels (Contributor), Goverse, A. (Contributor), Schots, A. (Contributor), Smant, G. (Contributor)

Activity: Talk or presentationInvited talkOther

Period3 Aug 2018
Event titleInternational Congress of Plant Pathology 2018
Event typeConference
LocationBoston, United States